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Our Philosophy

At Discovery Days Preschool we believe in each and every one of our students!


We believe in the importance of the learning that takes place before the age of five.

We believe children learn by doing and they must have the space and time to explore and discover independently, to take reasonable risks, and to challenge their minds and their bodies.


We believe that learning experiences should occur naturally through child-directed play and exploration.

We believe that through daily play, experimentation, and exploration, preschoolers develop skills related to problem-solving, abstract thought, language, critical thinking, and socialization.

We believe that the natural world plays a crucial role in a child's development; therefore, we use naturally occurring learning opportunities to scientifically explore the environment.

We believe that having a strong relationship with the community provides children with a strong social foundation; therefore, we plan regular field trips to discover the world around us. 

Children Exploring
Meet Our Teachers

Here to Guide, Inspire, and Support

Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett

Director and Head Teacher
(612) 518-9531

Carla Lundblad

Carla Lundblad

Assistant Teacher

Board of Directors

Jordan McMahon - President

Kris Pooch - Vice President

Jessica Paulzine - Secretary

Marissa Paulzine - Treasurer

Amber Kirkwold - Grant Writer

Keshia Solem - Seat

Katie Nichtern - Seat

Julia Berget - Seat

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